Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maternity Pants?! (the dark side)

Okay, so I had an epiphany this weekend. My mom was there to witness it. Let's start out with the fact that Andrew and I ventured into Motherhood Maternity to check out the goods a few weeks ago. When we walked in, I was pretty dissatisfied with everything I picked up. It didn't help that Andy was picking various pairs of pants up and saying "What's this?!". He didn't really understand the whole belly panel thing. So I explained it to him and told him that I definitely WILL NOT be wearing those until I HAVE TO. Atrocious. So, Saturday, I was there again with my mom. I had told her that I probably wouldn't find anything I liked, because I felt they were all marm-ish. She encouraged me to try on THE pants. The ones I was afraid of. The ones I thought were for old maids. The ones that give you the weird pregnant butt. The ones that I WOULD NOT be partaking in until absolutely necessary. So, I go in the dressing room and slip them on. Hmmm...maybe these aren't too bad...they are soft, not squeezing the crap out of me, no muffin top. Okay, maybe I'm OK with this as long as I wear a long shirt. Then, after about 3 more seconds, I decided they were the ANSWER TO LIFE. Every person needs to get a pair. I told my husband to try them on. I can finally breathe! They feel like Yoga pants! They are so great! I need these. And my husband even said I don't have the weird butt. I hope he's not lying. Although I probably shouldn't ask him questions while shoving my butt in his face. He gets distracted and just blurts out whatever comes to mind. I LOVE these. So, I bought them. And I love them. And I want more. Hallelujah maternity pants! :)

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