Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tell Us Something Good

So every morning on the way to work, I listen to Sirius Satellite Radio's Hits 1 station. The other day, on the Morning Mashup, they did this thing called 'Tell us something good' and they just had callers say something good on the radio. There were things like "I have 3 more days left of school" or "I had french toast for breakfast" or "My boyfriend is taking me out tonight". So, I was listening and I was SOO happy for these people. I don't know why, but I felt SO emotional! I heard another caller say one and I seriously wanted to cry. It was so stupid. I was so emotional over this lame radio call-in thing. So here's me, driving to work almost crying because some random person called in and said that they were having a good hair day. Who cares?! I did. Alot. But there were no tears. Ahh...hormones!

It's been a good week. Baby S is growing so much. I found my measurements from December and took my measurements the other day to compare. Can you believe I've gained 6 inches around the belly button!!?? Whoa, Nelly. That's alot.

How far along?: 14 weeks
How big is baby?: baby lemon :)
Weight gain?: We will find out at the Dr.'s tomorrow.
Maternity Clothes?: Andy and I are picking up some maternity pants tomorrow. I am out of options.
Stretch Marks?: Yeahhhh
Sleep?: I've been waking up in the middle of the night and am restless for an hour or more. But I'm SO tired, I should'nt be waking up!
Best moment this week?: We went and saw that new movie 'The Backup Plan' with JLo. I loved watching Andrew's horrified face during the water birth and the relationship she had with her Snoogle! :)
Movement?: huh?
Food cravings?: Nothing new.
Aversions?: The lack of chicken is really ruining weekly dinner plans. I never wanna cook anymore. I MOSTLY ate chicken before this!
Gender?: Tomorrow is the day!

Belly button in or out?: It looks like a fat person's.
What I miss most?: Clear skin!!!!!!!
What I'm looking forward to?: Tomorrow. Baby S, are you really a boy?

Milestones: another week down baybee!

Here's one from week 5

And one from the other day, week 14 :) Little bit of progress, eh?

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