Saturday, September 11, 2010

6 weeks left!!!

Well, I'm 34 weeks pregnant. How did we get here again? So surreal. I decided that this post will count for week 33 and 34 since nothing of great significance has happened, you won't be missing a thing! I basically sat -I mean er, um, laid- for a week straight while I healed and worked from home. It was a nice break, but really not that great considering I was healing slowly and getting bored! I actually came across this blog and read the most incredible birth story EVER. What a heart-wrenching story. Brought me to tears. It was also published in this month's Parents Magazine, which is pretty amazing in the blogger world.

We took our maternity pics this week, can't wait to see them. We also made some progress on the nursery! [pics to come]

My baby shower is this coming weekend and I'm really excited. Nycole will be in town and it's always like old times ;) Then, it's off to finish getting the last necessities before this little girl arrives! We graduated from Childbirth class (woo-hoo) and I'm so happy we decided to take the class. Our teacher was more than amazing and supportive, and we learned so much. I think learning more helps ease our fears about anything we were concerned about. I think the most important thing for us to remember is that we just don't know how our experience will go, but in the end, what will come out of it is what we have been waiting for all this time and that is all that matters! I'm definately spending this last few weekends sleeping in, going to breakfast, relaxing over coffee, and just loving Andy and my alone time together so much before we have a (little tiny) distraction.

I have been feeling great now that I'm almost healed. The belly is getting interesting to maneuver, but usually not too uncomfortable. I get a little stiff after sitting for long periods of time and getting out of bed in the morning is sometimes a slow process (which is not good, because my bladder tells me to run) but other than that, I feel very lucky. The weather is getting cooler which means minimal swelling and sweating (I know, super attractive). Some sciatica pain lately, but usually a few stretches fix me right up. If it gets worse, I may consider one last massage before the baby comes :) Braxton Hicks have been coming far more frequently than before, and they are somewhat intense at times, lasting about 20-30 seconds. But, by no means consistent. Yes, I STILL need to complete my birth plan and pack my hospital/diaper bag. What a SLACKER.

In real life (because I have a tendency to live in pregnancy life), Survivor starts this week! A family affair, of course. We even choose our players and have a playing board. It's quite intense. My sweet dear husband is doing his regular school, work, school, work, [shit jobs for Wendy] school, work, school. But in the meanwhile, he's brewing some more beer, and getting some fishing time in while he's still a free man. We had a mouse sighting in the garage this week, which brought on an all-out-war to seek and kill. My black lab (who we will call killer) came into the house shaking and refused to use his dog door in response to this mouse. GREAT. I really thought he was going to pee the carpet the other day because he was so scared to go out because he thought the mouse was going to eat him. My dog is a real-life Scooby-Doo. But today-WE HAVE VICTORY. Caught the little sucker. I mean suckers. Yeah, there were 3 in the trap. Eeeeewww!

Rockin' the mega-bump!

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