Monday, September 20, 2010

A Baby Shower!!

All I can say is what an amazing weekend I had!! I seriously could not have had a better shower. Perfect group, perfect decorations, and tons and tons of gifts! It was so exciting to get baby stuff (I have been TRYING to refrain from purchases until absolutely necessary...)

Lets do the run down...

28 wunzies
28 outfits
8 pairs mittens
8 pairs socks
9 hats
8 bibs
2 towels
19 burp cloths
14 receiving blankets
4 books
5 stuffed animals
1 moses basket (looove!)

and a bunch more miscellaneous items! How lucky am I? And I was worried about not having enough clothes...
We played The Price is Right for baby items, guessing how much common items cost and trying to get the closest to the right price, safety pins in rice game, and also a play-doh game to see who can make the best baby. It was a lot of fun.

BEAUTIFUL decorations...

Cucumber sandwiches


She had little touches everywhere. So sweet.

Yummy cupcakes made by mom. Chocolate and carrot cake at my request :)

Opening a TON of gifts!

One of my favorites. The Tickle Monster Book. (With tickle mitts, of course!)

Precious little girls were there, too!


More friends...

And family too!

My beautiful Moses basket

One of my favorite gifts

So I think I made out!

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