Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 weeks old

Wow! The craziest 2 weeks of my life! Paisley is such a good girl. Beyond the normal tiredness, our little family is doing great! Here's what's going on in our life right now...
Andy is off work until Monday...which really makes me sad! I have loved our time off together and am really going to struggle when he goes back to work! We are going to have to balance our time well. I know I can do it, and people do it all the time. Hopefully we don't keep him awake too much at night so that he can be productive during the day ;)
Luckily my mom is coming during the day for next week so I'm not a total lost cause! She is so much help to us and I am nothing but thankful for all the wonderful people that we have had around us for the past few weeks! Dinners 6 nights in a row from coming home from the hospital, and gifts, gifts, and more gifts!
Paisley was born with a slight case of jaundice and had to be fed every 2 hours for the first week. This was very hard because I am exclusively breastfeeding and by the time she got changed, nursed, and fed, I would get about a half an hour of sleep and do it all over again! I know, I know- the life of a new mother and father, right?! Now she goes about 2 1/2-3 hrs in between feedings, sometimes more if she is extremely tired. The longest she has slept was 5 1/2 hrs one night and it was great! I think Andrew and I woke up and didn't even know what time it was, what happened, anything. Dead to the world.

ME? What!? I don't keep you awake all night...
Right now, she has her days and nights mixed up. We are not sure if she might have a slight case of colic because her fussiness has come like clockwork for the past 3 nights. Around 11PM, it starts and she doesn't sleep or want to do anything but nurse until about 3AM. Once she goes down, she does great and only wakes up every 3 hrs to nurse, burp, diaper change, and right back to sleep. But this means our day starts at 12PM...which is hard! Right now, we are just trying to "sleep when she sleeps". It's great to bore everyone with these details, but the truth is, I can't really remember from week to week, so remember- this is my version of scrapbooking ;)

These cute booties were a gift from our childbirth educator

How babys doing:
Weight: I'm pretty sure she has gained, but we find out at her 2 week appointment early next week! She was 8.3lbs 3 days after birth. She is exclusively in newborn clothing and diapers, but I think will be graduating to 0-3months very soon.

Sleep: Good, but off "schedule". We will start establishing a "schedule" of some sort with the pediatrician next week.

Sleepy in my moses basket
  •  Her binky, even though she spits it out every 2 mins and then cries for it right away. We have got to get the hang of this binky!
  • Being held. All.the.time.
  • Tummy sleeping. Wish I could put her on her tummy at night time.
  • White noise. Tv sounds. Daddy playing guitar. The shushing noise.
  • Her moses basket and swing. Likes to swing FAST when cranky.
  • Walks in the stroller.
  • Being burped. Falls asleep every time.

She looks so tiny in her carseat!

  • The pack-n-play. PHOOEY!
  • Wipe baths.
  • Clothes changed.
  • Swaddling with arms in. OMG you would think we were killing her.
  • The night hours...
Listening to her nature sounds

How mom and dad are doing:
TIRED. On a whole different level. They say you'll be tired and get no sleep. But OH MAN.
Lost about 30 of the 40lbs I gained during pregnancy.
Not so enthused about breastfeeding. It's exhausting, painful, and emotionally draining. It sucks to be the cow that has to be milked every 2 hrs. It also sucks being the only one who can console her with the boob! On the other hand, I know it's best for us and I know it will get easier (they say). I do enjoy cuddling with her during that time and doing the best thing I can do for her. Andy is juggling school a new baby, his crazy wife, and soon, work. I'm so proud of him, even though it's been crazy! 

Spending more hours awake during the day now that she's big. 2 weeks big.
Mommy and Paisley

First Dr.'s appointment. Such a good girl!

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