Sunday, November 21, 2010

My girl is a month old.

She went out on her first social outing. To lunch with Joy. She told me she wanted to wear her leopard print outfit because 1) her Auntie Nycole got it for her 2) leopard print is hot right now. Ok, she didn't really say all that, but I know that's what she was thinking. Because she is MY daughter afterall. We also have to document that 30 mins prior to our first social outing, we had an epic poo blowout. Yeah, all over the swing, me, her - everywhere. Thank god I didn't put clothes on either one of us until the last second prior to leaving the house for this. exact. reason.

Let's see-what else happened this week? She started smiling and cooing a little bit. It's so exciting to see her eyes light up when she finally gets focused on you and then that little teeny smile comes. We've been seeing the dreaming smiles for quite some time now, just really excited to see the conscious ones!

Little mama likes to sit up like a big girl when her tummy is gassy. She's so content watching tv with daddy :)

She's so old! May as well be 3 in this picture.
 She hasn't been taking very good daytime naps. They are very random-sometimes long (3hrs) and sometimes only in 30-min intervals all day. She sleeps in her basket or swing during the day. It's sad to me that she will be too big for this basket in a few short months...

Mis-matching gloves. Because that's how we roll.

Collars on infant clothing=STUPID.

We attempted a photo shoot. She was out cold, so I thought I would go for it. Let's just say it was 5 mins, 5 pictures, and pee all over the place. And I interrupted the only nap for the day. Go mommy! Here's what we got. We will attempt it again soon :)

We have been to the store a few times to get out of the house and also been over to Grammy and Grampy's for dinner.


Mrs. Grant said...

Adorable!! I love all the pictures!!

Kathryn said...

She looks so big in the picture where she's sitting up against the alert...what a doll baby!

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