Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 weeks old...*sniff*

Wow. It's amazing how something so small can RULE YOUR WORLD.

Week 2 was HARD. The nights were sleepless and the days were spent catching up from the nights before. And I had help, help, help. But that just doesnt change the fact that life is just so different than it was before. People tell you and tell you that life is going to change, that it is going to be hard, that babies are alot of work, etc! But you just don't know the feeling until you experience it. So did I say it's hard? Well, it is. I'm not going to lie and say it's all roses. That's how I feel right now. So, here's my sob story: I'm going to admit that it does not please me to not sleep, wear sweats everyday because your ass is too fat for your jeans, worry every second about what you are going to do next because your baby needs food and a clean butt, give your boobs away, and have anxiety about leaving the house for any period of time, with or without the babe, when all day, this is exactly what you wanted to do. And don't even get me started on the DIET CHANGES that they expect a newly nursing mother to make. Coffee? Dairy? Sorry, I don't think I can be sacrificing such things (among all the other above mentioned sacrifices). And I want to remember this feeling, along with posting pictures and milestones of my super duper precious little pumpkin pie- whom I take large bites out of daily. Okay, so I don't bite her, I just kiss her. Alot.
Oh, mommy! Quit complaining!
I love how she sticks her lips out and stretches.

My two babes
 Paisley had her 2 week well baby check up and everything went great. A few things that we wanted to ask abou were the 4-5 hour nightly crying spells we had been experiencing; to which the Ped shrugged off as "maybe some gas". WHAT??!! That's all youre going to say to me? I NEED answers. So now we give baby girl Mylicon at bedtime and during her middle of the night feeding. Seems to be getting better. The Ped wasn't too hot on the idea that she had a binky in her mouth and told us it could be contributing to sleeping issues. Well lemme tell you that when she is screaming it works wonders! So we arent ditching the bink at this time. She also gave us the advice of saline drops for her stuffy nose, and she got cleared for baths since she lost her belly button the night before! :)
Weight: 9.6 lbs (80th percentile) She's wearing the smallest of her 0-3 month clothing! Officially out of newborn size and the newborn diapers are getting too small, but size 1 is still huge on her!
 Sleep: I'm probably speaking too soon. But currently going well. She gets a rocking just to calm her down and layed in the pack-n-play between 9 and 11. Sometimes it takes up to an hour though to get her to sleep. Sleeps till 3 or 4, and wakes up again around 7ish.

Likes: baths, daddy rocking her.
Dislikes: being cold after baths, getting her clothes changed.

The moment we realized her belly button had fallen off.

Strawberry mark. It's still getting darker, too.

Precious little bunny!

Unfortunatley Paisley doesn't feel the same...

Let's see, what else? She is lifting her head up great, also following sounds and people with her eyes. Oh yeah, and she's balding :) Just on top right now. She's got male pattern balding. She has to wear gloves all the time because the first thing she does is claw her face like crazy! I try to let her hands free a couple hours a day so that she doesn't think cotton is the only texture in the world.

I am NOT balding!!
It's exhaustin being a newborn!

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Anonymous said...

I feel so fortunate to have 2 beautiful grandbabies!!! Your doing a GREAT job!!
I love you Wendy!

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