Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Already 7 weeks old!

She had her 6wk well baby check up and shots! Aww poor baby screaming soo hard for the shots. Just melted her mama! She was so sleepy for the rest of the day and would wake up screaming her little head off during her nap. Turns out she just needed some mommy cuddles and kisses. Everything was great for the checkup; there were no concerns and she is (of course) in the 90th percentile for weight and the 83rd percentile for height :) *Gives self pat on the back for breastfeeding this long*. The Dr. offered to 'take her off my hands' a few times and called her beautiful over and over and over! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so ;)

Modeling already
We got placed with the daycare (whew!) for the date we requested! That takes a big worry off of us knowing that we will be able to start care on the day I am due back to work. We went to the orientation, and of course, the person giving it took care of me when I was 2 years old (there are some nice things about still living in your hometown!). I feel very good about the daycare, afterall, it's where I grew up as well. She also went to see all of mommy's coworkers and showed off by being really alert and smiling.

Life has changed. I have to say it is true that your enjoyment and love for your baby does grow. Each stage is so different and I have to admit that I am happy to be out of the newborn stage. Now there is so much more interaction (and sleep), playtime (and sleep), and going out to new places (and sleep). I am finally feeling the Christmas spirit and got our tree up!

Fussy time. We have become creative for dealing with this. We are very lucky that she's not fussy for very long and we can usually figure out what's going on. She is usually fussy in the evenings and after clean diapee, fed, and burped, if she is still fussy, she likes to sit up on the couch and play with daddy.

Or she likes to be Moby wrapped. (this usually makes for a good nap)

Or sometimes she just wants mommy to take the gigantic cute bow off her head :)

By the way- did you know they made jeans this small?

Or uggs this small?

Things that are different, things that I love (and never could have before), things that make me happy and proud:
cleaning the coffee table anything with an old burpee is completely acceptable.
getting the dishwasher half unloaded is good. It's about shaving minutes off the task!
a shower is an immaculate thing. add yummy smelling body wash=a spa experience. really.
baby burps, baby poops, baby spitups make a happy mommy.
the amazing amount of love that makes our little family.
big, gummy baby smiles in the morning after a long night. then I'm not mad anymore.
finishing my cup of coffee. another feat.
miss paisley's daytime naps. they are rare and unpredictable.

This face is "I'm going to spit my binky out so you
can put it back in" Over. and over. and over.

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Sweet Simplicity said...

She is adorable! I love the pic with her pouty lips. :)

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