Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving-5 weeks!

*WARNING* Picture overload...

What an eventful week! Paisley had her first Drs appointment (besides the well baby), her first Thanksgiving, and her first BIG smiles at mommy, daddy, grammy, and Auntie Nycole!! She also got to stay home with Auntie Nycole while mommy got her hair done. I'm branching out! Letting go a little...maybe. I guess it doesn't count that Nycole is basically like my sister. She loved her Auntie Nycole...and showed her love by pooping ALL OVER her. Not just on her clothes, oh no. Squirted fresh poo right onto her skin. Evidence there is love. Nycole screamed, I laughed, Paisley continued to poo, and my dog thought we were killing the baby.

Always goin for the boobies.

Paisley & Nycole

So excited to have my bff in town!

Paisley gets two Thanksgivings this year, with both sides of the family! We had a quiet day with my parents on Thursday, and did another on Sunday with the Smosna's! The more turkey, the better for me :) Paisley seemed to like it, too :) Andy smoked up his new traditional turkey and his brother Mike did a fryed one. We couldn't decide which one was better!

A different Thanksgiving table this year...
Alot of this happened.
And alot of this.
She's doing so good lifting her head.

Grammy & Grampy & Paisley :)

I really love these peeps.

Getting cozy by the fire.

Mike and Beth, hosts of the turkey cookoff :)
Everyone gets to love on Miss Paisley

What cuties!!
Paisley and Rachelee. Her cousins LOVE her. Couldn't keep their hands off!

It was too cute when she dissapeared came out in this :)
 Paisley went to the Dr on Monday for a rash that she had on her face, ears, and neck. Dr thinks its a contact allergy, like possibly scented detergent or something like that. So we have been very careful and applying Eucerin cream and hydrocortisone as needed. Looks like she's got skin like her mommy...bye bye bath and body works. Bye bye fake jewelry. Bye bye yummy smelling laundry! Did I also mention that she got weighed at her appointment and she was a WHOPPING 10lbs, 12oz!! Yeah baby, 90th percentile! I find it very strange that my daughter is such a good eater...ok I don't.

I know that soon I will look back at her size in comparison to the couch. So itty bitty!

Andy's convinced she's ready to walk. I told him give her a few more months...

My girl is so full of smiles these days. But I have to admit that this was 
Auntie Nycole's smile while mommy was away. So lucky!!
Sleep is still about the same- 10 or 11pm till 3 or 4 am, then till about 6 or 7am. She is fussy at night and there were times this week it took us 2 hrs to get her down! Exhausting. A big milestone for us as parents is that we finally turned our pillows around to the right end of the bed instead of hovering over the pack-n-play! It's all about time. I still am not sure when she'll go in her crib, we are coming up on (eek!) 6 weeks. I have thought about it a few times because I am too intuned to her every grunt and sometimes it makes for terrible sleep. Andy wouldnt hear a baby monitor, I know that for sure, so it would definatley be on my side! Oh, and she now hates her swing. She screams right when we put her in it everytime. 

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Anonymous said...

All of your posts make me cry. You make me so excited.

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