Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's here!

It's almost Christmas! Our first Christmas with our new baby girl and we are so excited! We have truly been looking forward to this Christmas because it just makes everything sweeter :) The family is home and we are excited to have a big Christmas. Her first ornament is hung on the tree, a very thoughtful gift from Auntie Nycole that we didn't even know about until it showed up in the mail!

She helped me wrapped gifts (and then fell asleep, so I had to switch tasks because it was too loud).

Miss Paisley is growing so quickly. She is sleeping very well, usually from about 10:30 until about 5 or 6am!! I consider that sleeping through the night! Right now we have the luxury of going back to sleep after that feeding until about 8:30-9, but in just 2 short weeks (eek!) we will be getting up and getting ready to go to work & daycare. I've already had the dream once that I went to work and didn't drop her off, or left her at home or something like that. I'm sure this won't be the end of my daycare anxiety. Andrew and I had our first official date night and left Grammy and Grampy with a bottle. We explained to them that sometimes she cries and gets very upset when she gets the bottle and just let us know if she won't take it. Of course, she took the bottle without a peep and she made us look like liars! We are trying to do a bottle a day to get her used to them, but we have been very busy and it doesn't always happen. Soon, she is  going to be getting 4-5 bottles a day so we better get on it!!

Paisley has been filling the room with lots of vowel sounds and coos, and she is also full of smiles. She recently discovered Toby, her feet, and her brightly colored stuffed animals! Here are a few things that we can't live without at 2 months old:
The Boppy! I use it for EVERY feeding.
The Puj tub. So easy to store and clean.
Pampers sensitive diapers. The ones with the wetness indicator :)
MAM binks. As you can see from the pics, we keep them close.
Baby gloves. My little one still scratches up her face without them!
Wipe warmer.
Sleep sacks.

The anteater is all the way from Afghanistan! I love it!
Although she is a pretty happy baby most of the time, one of the things that she absolutley hates is TUMMY TIME! She grunts and struggles and cries and then starts it all over again. I have to roll her over and give her a breather because she is freaking out so much. But she does great pushing herself up everywhere else. Just hates being layed down on the floor face down. We are going to keep working at it, but it's usually something I make sure to do when she is fed and happy.

So mommy makes her feel better and then turns her back over for another go. :)

Here's a sneak peak for what I'm still finishing up:

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