Friday, September 2, 2011

a request

Because if you go, we will have to bundle up for jammie walks. I will have to wear closed toe shoes (nooo!). Half-clothed babies will not be able to sit on the front porch and snack on leaves.

We will be all cooped up inside.

My baby is not going to be cuddly and nine pounds this winter. She will be a walking (running) toddler who wants to explore and climb on things.
But I guess I can just look at the bright side…FIRST BIRTHDAYS, Halloween fun, Thanksgiving feasts, and SANTA!!


Sorry, got a little excited.
Need to buy more Christmas presents (yes, I’ve already started shopping Smile).

1 comment:

Ashley Payne said...

She is so freaking cute! :) I love seeing photos of her! Oh, and I literally lol'ed when I seen the Santaaa photo! lollolololol! I miss redecorating Starbucks for Christmas with ya'll!

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