Monday, September 12, 2011

scary stuff

Have I mentioned being a mom is scary? I now know why people don’t look so young and fresh after having kids. Besides the
lack of sleep
lack of time
lack of sleep
did I say lack of sleep?

Oh yeah, right. It’s the WORRY.

We have been very lucky so far with Pea’s health. But this past few weeks we’ve also had to deal with the scary stuff.

Exhibit A:

My baby is HIGHLY allergic. Like, she scored over 1000% higher than the average blood test response to for this test. I said 1000% mkay? Not. Good. Aside from acing the test, she now gets a special tray at daycare on certain days, has an allergy action plan, and is watched like a hawk.

Exhibit B:

This was our day yesterday. Um, again my baby girl scored extra high on this test. 104° is really high! First ear infection. Wish I had some breast milk. [My husband knows about the magic powers of healing it has and asked me if we had any on hand. I don’t keep breast milk on hand anymore, sorry babe.] So, this weekend we have been to the Dr., the ER, and been puked on, drooled on, and had medicine and formula spit all over us. Andy and I have been a great team accomodating the baby girl. I'm ready for her to get well.


Anonymous said...

I've got some to spare, if you want.

Sugardrive said...

I also have some spare, not sure how to get it to you though? Can you mail that kind of stuff?

Sarah said...

Hope she feels better soon!

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