Friday, September 23, 2011

to the beach: part two

I about vomited when I saw my baby all ready to go in her new tutu swim suit. Have you seen anything more disgustingly adorable? No? Right.
Paisley loved the sand and the water. I sure wish we could have spent more time in or near the water, but it was SO cold. My girl was turning purple after her first few dips.
There was a lot less sun bathing and lounging than I like to normally do at the beach, interesting what happens when you go with an infant. :) But, my main concern was her having fun and not getting sunburnt! Someone please quickly invent a non-greasy sunscreen that beach sand doesn’t stick to? Please? Thanks.
The aquarium was nice, but she’s a little young to stay interested in that for too long. We ate some Mexican food at a little shop on the pier and it was good.
We had a long day and went here to eat dinner. Yummy! After seeing this one on Diner’s Drive-In’s and Dives, we knew it would be awesome and this is our second time going.
Stay tuned for part three of the beach trip…where I talk about all the things that didn’t go as expected on our first out of town trip :) Shocking, right? No, it was a little more than just general inconvenience...

sorry if my legs are blinding you. they don't get out much.

going to the beach with a curious baby=sand in the face
attempts at sunblocking, since she would not wear her hat

Happy Friday, ya'll.
all photos by my hunny.


Ashley Payne said...

Oh me oh my, is that little tutu bathing suit cute or what?!?! :)) She is just too stinkin cute. I guess it's a good thing that ya'll live so far because I watch babies for now until I graduate and I would totally be her babysitter FOR LIFE lol.

You looked sooooo pretty being a mommy on the beach with your beautiful baby! :)))

kathryn said...

Excellent pix!!

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