Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving break

We had a wonderful LONG weekend. I got to spend time with my hubby and little girl most of the weekend...with everyday being full of things to do. I started to think we should just all 3 stay home everyday :)


Thanksgiving was full of good food and lovin on the kids. Paisley got to play with her cousins, which always makes her very happy!


Here's the whole clan...


Paisley wore her bubble skirt. (I may have taken a few bites of her!)



Yes, she is carrying her very disgusting, shriveled pumpkin around that she picked out at the pumpkin patch. I know.

We got a live show after Thanksgiving dinner featuring Lady Gaga Lorna :)


We really tried to stay away from the house for the larger part of the weekend because we were getting a new roof. So we filled it with going out to lunch, Starbucks trips, wagon rides, and time over at mom and dad’s. Pea still got her naps (I now know what she can sleep through), which have turned into 3+ hours on the weekends with no bedtime or waking up issues. Maybe it’s just what she needs.



And for the record- dad’s wagon rides are apparently more fun than mom’s. Just like baths. He wins again.

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