Sunday, January 1, 2012

four christmases

Happy New Year!!!

I’m just now catching up from the many holidays we already had. We don’t generally do anything on New Year’s Eve. Home, cozy, and low key.

So, Christmas. We were all exhausted. Four Christmases for real. This is what happens when you family grows. And grows. Santa brought AWESOME gifts and it was so much fun seeing my little girl actually participate a bit. She had fun pulling tissue paper from bags that were not hers, and s-l-o-w-l-y tearing the paper from her actual gifts.



How a true Christmas morning looks. A small walking path, a warm fire, and LOTS of boxes.


The Play-Doh ice cream sundae kit was a big hit. I don’t think these two moved for hours. And look at my little baby girl in the background using her spoon. Makes a mama proud.


My girl has developed some highchair antics that crack us up. See those teeth up there? She’s so big. She now has eight teeth. I’m so glad the recent teeth didn’t give us the trouble we’ve had in the past. Probably because there was enough on her plate on Christmas week. That included a sinus infection, ear infection, and an allergy attack to top it all off.



It was really nice to see siblings that we haven’t seen in awhile, and we learned how to do fishtail braids :) They’ve been all over Pinterest lately and are so fun.


Gummy bears + coloring with Grampy.


Christmas two. All the grandkids in one photo. I love the babies holding the babies. It’s so strange that we are to a point where they can lift each other….where did all the tiny babies go??


Christmas three. Dinner, jammies, and singing songs at our house. It’s definitely a repeat. There’s even a video of everyone singing “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. It’s memorable to say the least :)




There are also five kids in this one, one is hidden back there! We love all the Llama books and I found Llama llama holiday drama randomly a few days before Christmas. A great find.


I’m still amazed at how differently my daughter will live than I did thanks to technology. Some new animal sounds that she can do are monkey, squirrel, and turkey; thanks to an app. Crazy. I love that a little extra comes with the monkey sound (above).


Happy blue-eyed babies in Santa hats made my Christmas Eve complete.


Christmas Four. My girl’s favorite part was the stocking, of which she stuck her whole arm down to dig for the next exciting thing that was down there. Her favorite was a tie between the Goldfish and the clacker thing. She got her first taste of the gold fish and kept signing “more please” and I knew we were in trouble.



My precious husband also was there.


Above is the first picture I took with my NEW CAMERA and LENS he got me. I’m so excited to use all my new toys in the next few days.




I love these two together.



Oh heavens.

She’s so big.

And yes, she’s teasing me and peeking over the top of the couch at me.

Little Ham.

Maybe next year we’ll have four Christmases again…?

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