Monday, January 16, 2012

today was rough

I think we were both sad that daddy had to work. Once my girl woke up, it was fussiness and asking for her “baboo” about every 5 minutes. Luckily I stole a shower before she woke up, or I really would have been feeling crappy about myself (That doesn’t mean I’m not still in sweats). We were basically trapped inside by cold and windy weather. It was also one of those times when you realize you did NOTHING over the weekend (cleaning) and have to do it all before the work week starts.

There were some good moments of today, so I’ll share those with you and quit complaining :)

One more thing:

Oh, this baboo. We desperately need to get rid of it. She is so dependent on it for car rides, diaper changes, and especially sleeping. The big problem is that she has a forever runny nose and congestion. Sucking while laying down just makes the problem worse and she gets so noisy breathing that she can’t even fall asleep sometimes. I’d really don’t mind that she still has it age-wise, but it seems lately that it is more of a problem than a help.

Once the winter is over, will her allergies/congestion/sinuses get better? Probably not. Because then everything will be in bloom again.



Binky hoarder.

Her new “big girl” thing is that she can get up on her little castle and slide down all by herself. She goes head first, feet first, and even sends toys down. I was so impressed until I saw the one at daycare and it was like twice the size of this one. She climbed up and slid down without skipping a beat. I love seeing her this happy.

…(Especially without her binky)…



I will sit at my desk at work tomorrow and miss this precious face no matter how rough some days are.


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