Sunday, January 8, 2012

kidless day trip

I left town last Monday sans baby and hubby. I got to do a girls day with the bestie. We went shopping and had a lovely lunch in the harbor.

(I’ve gone daytrippin’ before.)


Lunch was delish! Yard House with an awesome view :)


I thoroughly enjoyed myself because we engaged in our normal shenanigans of taking TOO MANY pictures of one another, talking too loudly, and doing fun & random things. There is never a quiet moment when we hang out. Sunglasses anyone?


I did buy one of these pairs…it wasn’t the orange ones.



I could totally pass as an intellectual.

Photoshoot? Here? Sure, why not!


More blue eyes…


I get excited about the littlest, weirdest things. Mostly about seeing new places… Nycole took the long way to show me this neat area called Terminal Island. Industry Island? Freight Island? I kept getting the name wrong, but anyway, it was fun to look at. She took us over the bridge so I could get a good look at everything.


The sun kissed us goodbye while we were finishing up shopping at the mall and I realized I still had to hit the road and get home to my sweeties.


But not before Starbucks and Anthro… :)


It was a nice getaway :)


[photo taken by one of those all-too-courteous people who offer to take you photo when you just wanna do one of those arms-length shots on your own. Ya know?]


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