Monday, May 28, 2012

at grandma’s house


I’ve been asked multiple times this weekend “what are your plans for memorial day"?”. The answer to that was “nothing”. That is okay with me, we swam with friends, took extra long walks, played in the mud, and just hung out like we do best.


Last weekend we spent some time at Grandma’s house, one of our favorite places to be. She’s got a great outdoor space, different toys, and things to get into. I remember going to grandmas when I was little. Such a comfortable place, a place that was different than home, a fun place. We got to have different snacks than at home, we trekked through the garden, which led to the ‘secret garden’ that was a small sitting area with elephant leaves. There were lots of lizards and sometimes a mouse or two in the pool (ew!).  I like to watch my little girl create these memories at her grandma’s house. I’m not folding laundry or cleaning, like at home, so I enjoy it just as much.

IMG_1195 copyIMG_1196 copyIMG_1203 copyIMG_1214IMG_1217

Cup from when I was little :)

IMG_1222IMG_1225 copyIMG_1229 copyIMG_1231 copyIMG_1236 copyIMG_1238 copy


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