Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easter and a little bit of yogurt


There are a few foods that my girl did not like at all no matter how many times we have offered them to her. And there are a few foods that my girl favored so much in the past and now she won’t touch them to her lips. Her taste is ever-changing, so we just try to offer her a little bit of everything. Mamu (Grandma) says we should feel lucky because she is a good eater. I knew she would be if she was mine :)

In this case, we re-introduced yogurt. What a hit. Even today she asks for more when it’s gone.IMG_0502IMG_0506

We had a nice little short egg hunt at our new house, and I was surprised again by the way she knew to pick up the eggs and put them in her basket. Her older cousins were even nice enough to leave some of the easier ones for her to grab.


Another awesome part was that she didn’t care how many she had, didn’t care if other kids had more, and didn’t mind if they stole her eggs and at the candy out of them. I’ll comment on this next year, I’m sure it will be very different!


Pea and her cousin. Click here to see them last Easter.

So much has changed since last Easter, but it really feels like just yesterday. We have a growing little girl, a home to call our own, and our families here with us when we need them. 


Click here to see our little family last year. We are about 50lbs lighter this year!

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