Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the back porch



I’m sitting here listening to my two favorites play in the bathtub. Andrew has got some Jake Owen playing at an inappropriate volume and my girl doesn’t mind a bit. I’ve decided to give up on sweeping the floor tonight to write this post and I am also wondering why the one company I hate the most, is also the one I give the most of my money to. DirecTV. We had it out on the phone (again) today. I lost.

I thought last night would be a big night, I would get to watch the season premiere of my beloved show, The Bachelorette. Alas, I cannot stay up until 9:30. So, tonight’s the night! Commercial free.

Heading through a 5-day work week…it will be a challenge. I missed my girl so incredibly much these past two days. She leapt out of my arms at drop off and said “buh bye!” with a smile on her face both days so far. It makes it (a little) easier.

Anyway, the weekend. The back porch.

It has become the new place to be. We spent our weekend there! Once breakfast is over, Pea’s requests are to look for the birds and “opu!” the back door. We even had a little breakfast out there one day.

Friday morning:



Her other favorite is to play with water on the porch. I’m glad to let her get dirty if she stays happy for awhile. Luckily it’s hot enough for this by 8am.

Friday afternoon:




However, this weekend, she introduced water to our sea of dirt in the backyard. It turned out good. I mean bad. When it came time to clean up. Luckily, I handed that task off to daddy.

Saturday morning:


I think we are going to grass sooner, rather than later.


Sunday morning:


We are off to finish up the week, miss each other a little, and enjoy the warm weather.


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