Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A shower


I drove over 1,000 miles last weekend to celebrate a new baby who is going to make his grand entrance in June. It was so wonderful to get away, go shopping, get pedicures, and of course shower the mama-to-be! Daddy daycare was in full swing and I just have to say when you leave your husband alone with your 18-month old and have NO worries, you know you’ve got a good daddy :)

The hostess was an expert and she did some really beautiful things to make it special.



We played the Measure the Belly with Ribbon game…I think that game should be banned because every time I play it, the same thing ends up happening. A leetle too many inches.


I got to lounge around and relax and drink a little slushy cocktail thing and take pictures and not be a toddler mom (ie: wiping snotty noses, changing poopy diapers, dealing with tantrums). It was a great weekend.


I was sure glad to get home to my two loves, though. My girl even cried “maaaamaa” for me the first night I was home and I put her to bed. I had to oblige and go back in for some more rocking and cuddles!

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