Wednesday, August 29, 2012

diaper baby (don’t make me potty train)




The diaper.

Everyone loves a diapered baby, right? There was a short minute there where we thought our diaper days were close to over. Paisley spent an entire day using the potty and only having one accident in a 12 hour period. We thought, wow. 18 months and she is ready. The next morning, we got up, and asked her if she wanted to use the potty.


Hmm. Okay. So, I brought her in the bathroom, showed it to her, and offered it to her again.

Terrified, she clings to me. Doesn’t want to go near it, use it, or even sit on it.

Okay…so we don’t push. And she hasn’t' used it more than twice since then.

But as you know, I was sad to have a crawler, even more devastated to have a walker, and don’t mind a diapered baby, either. :)


So am I okay with her not being potty trained?



Sugardrive said...

we're going through the same thing!!!

Jen + Jeff said...

Our doctor tried to convince me Leila was ready at our visit last month. Clearly she knows best, right? Wrong! This Momma (with the help of L) will decide when the time is right. For now, it's diapers all the way!

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