Saturday, August 11, 2012

water, in french.


Lately, Paisley has been referring to water as “au-lauther”, like water, with a ‘th’ and an ‘l’, and don’t forget the French part, she likes to add ‘au’ in front. It’s a crack up. If none of that made sense to you, then moving on…

We have been spending time in the water as much as possible. Not used to it being 112, not used to being sweaty, not used to staying inside all day LONG! Even at seven in the evening, we are looking for ways to cool down.

Take my girl, post daycare and dinner, in a jammie shirt. Sprinklers? Why not? We’ve been waiting for these moments, ya know?


I was teaching her how to yell ‘stars and stripes!’ while she was running with the flag. I’m sure my neighbors love us…(and if you are thinking she is going to slip and the flag is going to go through her eye socket, I’m glad we are on the same page).


When the sprinklers turned off, she asked daddy for more water.


She was good and shivering by the end of this (in 100+ degrees?, yeah) so I think we did our job of cooling her off :)


She’s also been introduced to the shower recently.

Oh boy.


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