Tuesday, August 7, 2012

summertime stuff

We finally got the grass installed in our backyard! We are still waiting a little while to be on it, but Miss Pea loves it and our backyard is much nicer looking and cooler. Up next: patio furniture, plants around  the border, and my husband’s mega garden in the other third of the backyard!
It’s been super sticky and hot here (yuck!) so we’ve been trying to enjoy our summer. A carwash was in order for Daddy’s truck and Paisley loved helping.
What else is new? Paisley’s communication has RAPIDLY improved over the last few weeks. It’s not like it was ever a problem, but I just feel like she is growing up more than ever. She can identify a circle, heart, triangle, and star now with no problems, she is understanding our questions and responding with yes and no, and she will even repeat herself and motion if we are not understanding her. It’s so great! In less than two weeks, she is moving up to the next level at her CDC. It’s going to be so sad to say goodbye to the girls (teachers) that have been like second mothers to her this past year. She is so ready to move up though and get to do more things with the big kids. I’m sure it will be no problem for her, just for me
She also got a big girl car seat this week…forward facing-YES! I ordered this one (in Sophia) and I am in love with it. She’ll have it up to 70 lbs., so it’s a great investment.
What else…? A little Olympics, a lot of cleaning, a little outta town shopping, and daddy’s been cooking and baking…yum :)

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kathryn said...

Best summer toy for our grand kids has been the hose! Turn it on very low and they are happy for hours!!

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