Friday, August 31, 2012


Written a few days ago…

Today, I came home at lunch and made myself blueberry pancakes for lunch. I cooked them on a higher setting than my pancake expert husband does because I’m that impatient.  I thought about how some people might think that’s weird, that I’m having pancakes for lunch, and about how much I love having breakfast multiple times a day. During my pregnancy, I literally ate breakfast 3 meals a day for months. I could not stomach the idea of having something oniony tasting, and you couldn’t get me near chicken.

I thought about having more babies (yes, we will have another baby, no, it’s not now, no don’t know when and wouldn’t tell if I did anyway) and how much our girl has truly grown into a little girl and out of a baby girl. I thought about what the challenges would be, how many times I said to myself “how am I going to do this with 2 kids ever!?” and about how fun it would be for Paisley to have a sibling to play and fight with on the weekends.

I thought about my own personal goals and how career goals and family goals are tied together and so completely separate in many ways.

I thought about my girl’s birthday and Christmas and how much I love our little life together.

I thought about her little tiny self standing in front of our big front door saying cheese because mommy told her to on her first day of ‘school’ this year and how proud we are of her. Don’t make me bust out the baby pictures again!

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