Tuesday, July 20, 2010

27 Weeks and One Year Anniversary!

First things first...Sunday was our ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! I can't believe it's already been a year and look, here we are one year later, happy and knocked up! ;) Can't believe I've spent almost 8 years of my life with this perfect guy!

And check this out-it's me. One year ago exactly On our honeymoon - in Kona, HI - wish I was there!!!!
And me today- I've gained a few pounds :)
We originally planned to go see the San Diego Padres play and stay at our wedding resort, but our financial planner (me) said we should probably take care of some things instead, like buy one of these:

Or these:

Or maybe one of these:

So, we went out on a journey to buy a car and it was a total FLOP! The dealer was so shady and even tried to sell us a car that had no inspection report, a flat tire, old tires, and a leak! We came home sunburnt and dissapointed. So our journey will continue next weekend...

On another note, there's a huge problem going on here (and everywhere in the US, it seems). When I open CNN, this is what I see: REPORT: WARMEST JUNE ON RECORD GLOBALLY. We are cooking. Like, we are in an oven and can't get out. It's not only hot, but the combination of heat and humidity are making things deadly in my neck of the woods. And this, ladies and gentleman, leads to me feeling swollen, grumpy, fat, and I become immobile. For fear I might sweat even more than I already am.


How far along?: 27 Weeks (almost to 7 months!)
Weight gain?: I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say I'm feeling it. I've never had my thighs rub together. New phenomenon for me. Don't like it.
Maternity Clothes: Yeah! And I heard Forever 21 has maternity clothes now...YES!
Stretch Marks?: I don't think so.
Sleep?: Good except I wake up with a jolt and I HAVE TO GO! Right at that moment. Or else it's coming out.
Best moment this week?: Eating at the Yard House with my hunny, unpacking little girl's bedding.
Movement?: Alot!
*Notice*I'm removing the gender question because it ain't gonna change!
Food cravings?: Anything in reach.
Belly Button?: Is dissapearing. It's crazy. I can really say that it might pop out, or just become flush with my stomach instead of a hole.
What I miss the most?: Being cool, fitting into jeans, having skinny(er) arms legs, and ass.
What I'm looking forward to?: Buying a new car! Painting and putting together nursery!
Milestones?: I'm now the "pregnant lady" in public. People take second glances, smile, or just stare.

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