Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - 25 weeks!

So yeah. I'm 25 weeks. I don't believe it. It's getting so close. I'm starting to have mini-in-my-head-freakouts about what's to come in the next 10 or so weeks...Am I capable of caring for a wee little baby? I mean-yeah, in general, but 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week for the REST OF MY LIFE? What did I sign up for? Who's idea was this? Gosh, I've lost my mind.

A few of my focus points lately have been getting the major stuff lined up. I have come leaps and bounds (Thanks to my wonderful parents who spoil me and will spoil my baby). We have chosen the bedding, which I'm so glad Andy liked when I showed it to him because this could have been an all-out war. Here it is in all it's cuteness:

Now for the crib. This weekend while I was out of town visiting this little cutie,

My dearest most precious sweet loving pookie pie husband decided to "surprise" me with putting together the crib. Aww, how sweet! I really loved it when I walked into the house and saw it IN THE LIVING ROOM with a surprise sign on it:

Then, I got to thinking (in my hormone-induced irritation)...Why did he put it together in the living room, and how on EARTH are we going to get it into the BACK bedroom without taking it apart?! And then I thought some more (dangerous, I know)- we can't have the furniture together yet; we still have to paint and clean the carpets! I don't want there to be a CHANCE that any paint is going to get on this brand new GORGEOUS cherry wood. So then I got really annoyed and unappreciative. Not to mention that its a convertible crib and hubby mentions that there were "lots of extra parts" and threw them in the drawer with all the other random parts and pieces that came with other junk. And the instructions? Oh yeah, in the bottom of the trash can. Toddler bed? No. Full size bed? Never. Why? Because hubby didn't understand that at a later point, we would need all of that to make full use of this crib/toddler bed/full size bed!! So in a minor "tiff" we will call it, baby sweet precious darling husband dug to the bottom of the trash for the instruction manual and collected all the "extra parts" to nicely put in a baggie and label it. Then, he took the crib apart and put it in the back bedroom. Hence the title of this post. Poor sweetie-he just can't win.
Andrew: I love you more than you will ever know. You make me laugh, make me mad, make no sense, make too much sense, and you keep my life fun and interesting. Thank you for everything you do (and don't do). Muah!

How far along?: 25 weeks! So close to the 30's. Am I ready?
How big is baby?: 13 1/2 inches, a pound and a half!
Weight gain?: The truth will come out at my appt. this week.
Maternity Clothes?: Wearing the heck out of them. Trying to rotate them so I don't end up in the same comfortable outfit everyday :)
Stretch Marks?: Nowhere new thank god!
Sleep?: Sleep is ok...little annoyances can be the death of the night's sleep. Like the dog, or hubby working late!
Best moment this week?: Bedding ordered! So excited.
Movement?: I think she is going to be born out of the right side of my stomach. Sometimes it's like there is an escape hatch there and she is trying to kick it open. Also, dancing on my bladder provides hours of fun for me. I think a catheter at this point would be easiest.
Food cravings?: Gotta have dessert. Which is rare for me; but GOTTA have it!
Aversions?: I eat whatever, whenever.
Gender?: Girly-girl!
Belly button in or out?: Still an innie.
What I miss most?: Not worrying. I mean, really. I wake up everyday and wonder if she is doing ok in there. If anything is going to go wrong, if she is growing right. But I know I'm never really going to get to 'not worry' again. Because once she is born, I'll be worrying still :)
What I'm looking forward to?: Gonna drag hubs into Babies R Us to make a decision on a travel system this weekend! Suggestions?
Milestones: Reaching 6 months healthy and happy, big purchases made!

Here's some fun belly pics for this week, just to change things up a little :)

Supposed to be watching fireworks, but my dad and husband's COMBINED age is about 6.

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