Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My little girl is big! - 26 weeks

We had our regular OB appt. last Friday and everything went great. Her heartbeat was in the 160's on the Doppler and we even got a little peek of an ultrasound to check on her weight and my placenta position! She is measuring 1 day ahead, which means she is right on track! 2 FULL POUNDS hanging out in my belly! (I knew ALL the weight gain wasn't my fault!) ;) Andy was excited to see her tummy and her head and legs, but her face was facing toward my spine so we couldn't get a good look at her. She is laying across long ways, which is why all my kicks are always on the right side!

We ordered our glider for the nursery yesterday. Got a great deal that we couldn't pass up at I know there will be a few long nights in this thing!

How far along?: 26 Weeks
How big is baby?: 2 pounds!

Weight gain?: Um, yeah. This week was a big one. Let's just say that when the lady was sliding the thing down on the scale, she said "Whoa". EXCUSE ME?! NEVER say 'whoa' when a pregnant woman is standing on a scale next to you! I could have ripped her eyeballs out!
Maternity Clothes?: Yup. And successfully ripped 2 of my regular jeans. Guess they are too small.
Stretch Marks?: Are going to ruin my life. None on the belly yet.Sleep?: A couple of rough nights in there.

Best moment this week?: Ordering the glider :)

Movement?: She is definately trying to escape. She is such a gymnast!
Food cravings?: Any and all, please!Aversions?: Nah.
Gender?: Girly-girl!
Belly button in or out?: Still an innie.
What I miss most?: Working out. Seriously. I know I could right now, but I get so hot and uncomfortable. And then my feet swell a little. Then I just go eat some ice cream to wash my sorrows away.

What I'm looking forward to?: My one year WEDDING anniversary is Sunday! That is so crazy!Milestones: Hearing my baby weighs 2 pounds and growing!

What the crap is a rutabaga?

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