Friday, July 2, 2010

Ohhhh baby GAP!

Lordy, Lord. Latley I've been browsing alot more baby stuff and it has been so much fun. This baby girl is going to be my little dress up doll (sorry baby S!). Is it wrong that I want EVERYTHING on the Baby Gap website?! Forget the registry. We don't need bibs or bottles. We need everyone to pitch in and purchase the entirety of the Baby Gap collection for my wee one :) I mean, I almost died when I saw the Lavendar Hill Collection.

On another note, I have picked out some top 'must haves' for my registry. It's so much fun shopping!

The BUMBO! I love that they call this the 'baby sitter' haha :)

This little tub is made of foam and stores flat. Sounds like a great idea. Plus, I like the fact that is called a Puj.

And of course, the Boppy. Although, I'm wondering if people like My Brest Friend better?

Can't wait to post pics of Hubby and I's recent Colorado trip. We had alot of fun, and are putting it on the list as a 'candidate' for places to move!

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