Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good vs. Evil - RANT!

Okay, so I'm 38 weeks. That, in my mind, totally gives me the right to complain about everything! Good vs. Evil is the definition of my marriage. My husband is the good. I'm most definitely the evil. Not sure why he married me, I ask him all the time. If he wanted me for my hot bod, that time is SO OVER ;) He balances me in a way that is so perfect. Especially in times like these when I want to rip people's heads off. My husband would remain silent and keep his thoughts to himself. I would rather yell in their face, drop-kick them, and then laugh. 3rd grade bully style. I word vomit, and then feel bad later. He says things in a way that they aren't hurtful or can't not be taken back. He listens. I boil over. He puts himself out for others (and mostly me) and is still strong. I stomp my feet till I get my way. But right now, he keeps me (somewhat) calm, sane, and grounded.

He's all mine, ladies!

I'm tired of being a spectacle. Yeah, I'm pregnant. But I just want to go to the grocery store and not be stopped by every third person to talk about when I'm due, how I feel, how I look like I could pop tomorrow, blah, blah BLAH!! And yes, I realize this is exactly what I wantED at some point, and now its here and I'm complaining. The other thing I realize is that it is all positive attention. But I don't care. No attention would be good. I wish I could go into Wal-Mart with a black cape and do my shopping. (Hey, with Halloween around the corner, maybe this will be ok?) And by the way, QUIT telling me how HUGE my baby is going to be. Only I can say that if I want to. You may not say that to me!

Every day that this little girl stays in the belly, I'm positive a new stretch mark appears. Man, if she would have come out 3 wks ago! I woulda been free and clear (almost).

I want to have the choice of wearing ANY maternity clothes that I own. I'm not just talking about the smaller ones, or the tight ones, or being 'skinny'. I just want to be able to pull a shirt down and have it adequately cover me without it being a male size XXL beer shirt from the back of my husband's closet. On second thought, that's what I'm going to wear everyday from here on out. Watch me.

I'm going to end this with saying that I have the MOST INCREDIBLE, SUPPORTIVE, LOVING, AND ACCOMMODATING people in my life that anyone could ever ask for. I mean, really, I live like a damn princess. And I really truly am thankful to be pregnant. I just can't believe that we have been so lucky to be exactly where we want to be, welcoming a wee one in just days. Sometimes I have to step back, breathe, and remind myself. Let's hope that a relatively easy and enjoyable pregnancy leads to the same type of delivery! ;)

Here's the belly. In ALL IT'S GLORY.


Anonymous said...

When random people, that you will never see again, stop you and comment on how big you are, smile sweetly, say "I don't think I look too bad since I'm having twins" and keep walking. This is what I did when I was HUGELY pregnant with Allyson. It is perfectly acceptable for pregnant women to lie to strangers. It's a rule. The nursery looks adorable! Shelley Fowler

Wendy said...

Shelley- Good idea! Too bad my town is so small... even though I have no problem lying! :) Thanks for stopping by!

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