Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The "O" word...

This was typed out a few days ago and I never got the chance to post it. Here is my last PREGNANT post, enjoy! 

Paisley Reece was born healthy on Friday, October 22nd!!
Birth story and pics to come...

Officially 40 wks and 1 day! Yeah, that means OVERDUE. The Dr.'s appointment went well, besides the fact that I am STILL not dilated. Baby girl is doing good, the doctor says that I have a narrow or "contracted" pelvis and that she is a "big" baby. We'll see about that! I had on and off contractions all day yesterday, and woke up to some good ones this morning. Let's hope that means things are happening naturally, but if not, I have induction orders for Saturday!! That is so exciting because either way, I will have my baby girl by this weekend.

At my appointment, they hooked me up and gave me a NST or non-stress test. We passed with flying colors :)

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