Monday, October 11, 2010

Still here...38 weeks

I say 'still here' because I feel like I'm cooked. Done. Ready to go. I have to say that there are some people *ahem* that really got me going on the idea of a baby coming on 10-10-10. No, I'm not really into the numbers game, or lucky days, but 2 people (Hi MOM!) guessed that I would have my baby on Sunday. I was so DOWN for that! Buuttt here we are and she is still lounging away in the ever-growing belly. Okay, I'm only 38wks 6days (yes, DAYS count now too!) and it is my FIRST, but I thought mayyybe, just maybe.

EEEeeee! Did I just say 38wks, 6days?! I'm totally in the zone to pop any day. I have been spending my last few days as a pre-mommy just getting ready (mostly mentally) for my little bundle to arrive. I packed my bag. Finished our birth plan, and packed the diaper bag. And FYI, I packed for my girl like I pack for myself. It's all about options. Since we are right in the midst of summer to fall around here, it's not quite snugly, cozy, sweater weather, but it's not shorts weather, either. So a long sleeve sleeper in both sizes (newborn or fatty) and regular wunzies in both sizes. Of course don't forget about the hats, socks, and mittens to match. And a few blankies. My bag has got my favorite pre-pregnancy jeans, a tight tank top, and make-up. NOT. You know what's really in there- the entire line of VS PINK collection, slipper socks, a few copies of our birth plan and the boppy. Other things that I'm gonna throw in are all the cameras, and chargers, and (for reals) my makeup and other hygiene stuff before we go. The hospital is 86 miles away from our casa, so I want to have enough to get us through if we have to stay for 72 hours. My husband is under the impression that we are going to have a baby on the side of the highway, but eh, we'll make it.

Andy installed the car seat this weekend and tested out the pack-n-play. We got the last few items ordered (which every time I do, I realize I forgot something else). This week we ordered our
pack-n-play, the swing, which I'm so excited about because I found one that is a swing and a bouncy chair in one! It also matches our travel system that my sweet baby brother bought us. (YES, he's a baby!) We also got another car seat base for Andy's truck, and a Hotsling.

But the most exciting thing yet is that I got a new LENS for my camera.

Canon 50mm 1.4, baybee!

One that is going to help me take a meeellion pics of my little girl. I'm so excited about it. But for right now, I have to take pictures of inanimate objects. Or my doggy. Or my husband when he will allow it for 5 seconds. My photography is something that I am forever thinking about, but rarely practicing. I got my Canon 20D last Christmas and it's really fun (and really intimidating). Wish I was more of a go-getter and self-starter. I hate my lack of motivation to branch out and fail a little for the sake of doing something I really want to do. I'm hoping that this investment (and my new subject) will push me off! Truth is, I really only know a few basic things about photography and more recently have been reading a lot about it. I've learned a bunch just since I got this lens. So hopefully you will see lots of pictures in the future. For the time being, of my dog probably, k? Here's a little bit of fall at my house. I learned a little bit about focus from this post.

Set the focal point to the left this time, see?

Meet Toby. He's scared of mice.
But ferocious in all other circumstances. Really.

Fall @ my house.

Beautiful fall!
Oh yeah, and here's me on my last day of work! I'm running out of clothes to wear and since I'm off work for good (YAY!), I have no reason to even get out of the yoga pants. So I can't make any promises from here on out.

38 weeks

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