Thursday, October 14, 2010

I better not make it to 40.

I'm 39 weeks. YIPEEEE!!! It's 1:30 PM and I haven't brushed my teeth. I've been lost in bloggy land. Oh well, it's a fun place to be :) Hours on the computer will soon be lost. I'm ok with that.

I know I mentioned that I've been trying to take more pictures and learn more about photography. This working from home thing has really given me some time to play. I got my new lens for my 'big camera' and am ready to roll! But I still LOVE my 'little camera', my Canon Powershot SD750. It's just so portable and so fun, and it lets me do things like this:
Now I have both, because it's not always easy to lug around the 'big camera' and I will be lugging around my girl soon :)

I have my weekly appointment tomorrow. *Cross my fingers and toes* that the Doc will tell me I am dilated. I will take anything! I have been experiencing increasingly painful cramping in the evenings before bed and my Braxton Hicks now are so strong, they hurt down in my va-jay-jay! I hope this means something. Because I'm going to see the outside world tomorrow for my Dr's appointment, I'm going to have to get dressed. But here's me as of late:

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