Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bumbo Baby

Did I forget to mention that my babe is 3 months old? She is growing so fast and bringing so much joy to us! She has reached so many milestones, like grasping objects and laughing in these past few weeks. Yesterday at daycare, she sat in a Bumbo for the first time :) I was such a proud mommy!

Paisley's first time sitting up like a big girl, Jan 25, 2011!

I am starting to form a schedule and have been getting myself to work on time. Unfortunatley, that schedule requires me to wake up at 4:30am. This morning, it was 3:30 because Paisley woke up early. Oh well, guess I can't complain-she is a very good sleeper. [That is when her nose is not all stuffed up and she is not coughing!]

On another note, I am trying to learn how to use my DSLR camera and have signed up for a class! It's online and I can't wait to finally learn how to get some good photos! I'm totally 'back to school', I even have a book that I'm supposed to read before the class starts. Unlike my Andy, who has never stopped school! I'm so proud of him, he's in the home stretch for his Master's degree and I really hope it brings him [and us] new opportunities.

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Anonymous said...

3 months already, wow! I just love her little cheeks, sooooo scrumptious. Your class sounds fun, I can't wait to see how your pictures change and improve, they're already very cute! Ross getting his MBA was the best thing that's happened to us, it's opened so many opportunities, I am sure it will be the same for Andy. Got to love the motivation they have.

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