Monday, January 17, 2011

Keeping up.

It's been far too long.
My girl is growing and learning every single day and I have fallen even more in love with her and our little family. It just feels so right. I always wondered "how do they do it?"; but we are doing it. 2 full time jobs, one masters student (on an accelerated program, might I add), a guitar hobby, a photography hobby, family, friends, clean house, bills to pay, and all while trying to give our baby girl the BEST that we can!
We spent the weekend just relaxing and recouping from the busy work week. It was finally warm enough to lay a blanket in the front yard and get some fresh air (I know, strange when my last post was snow!).
I know I will be cursing myself later for saying this, but I am going to take my bragging time now. Miss Paisley sleeps from 10-5 every night without waking up! I feed her at 5 and she goes back to sleep until about 6:30 when we leave for daycare/work. She has been doing great at daycare, eating well and taking her naps, she gets compliments from the teachers daily! Makes a mommy so proud :)
This week, we noticed that Paisley started to sorta 'bat' at objects, so we have been spending alot of time on the activity mat with toys. Low and behold, after spending the week at daycare and the teachers telling me she was touching the toys, she is now GRABBING things in front of her! She can hold onto her toy for a while and she is working on keeping her grip.
We are also starting to see raspberrys and lots of drool...bib time!
She officially laughed as well for the first couple of times, I can't wait to catch it on video!
When she sees me walk by, she stares at me really hard. When I greet her, she smiles really big, and then it's immediate sad face with little whines. "Mommy...I'm [hungry] [wet] [used to being carried around by you and know you will give in]." Oh, the life of a mommy. There's nothing like that feeling.
Oh yeah, and her interest for tv, the laptop, and phones. I'm aware that she just sees light and that's why it's interesting, but [vomit] its crazy how different life is going to be for her in this high tech world we live in now.


Kathryn said...

She just keeps getting cuter every week!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that quilt is something you purchased and that I can get my hands on something similar? I love it!

Wendy said...

K-thank you, I think so! :)

Mel- my dad's co-worker made it for me as a gift. I love it- its so well made and you should feel it!

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