Friday, January 21, 2011

The Snipples.

The sniffles. The runnies. The stuffies.

Yup, you guessed it-baby's first cold. Breaking her mama's heart. But still happy through all of the saline drops and boogie wipes.

A few posts ago, I mentioned some mommy/baby items that I can't live without. This is question I asked EVERYBODY while I was pregnant. I have kind of found that everyone's list is a little different. As time moves on, mine changes. I think it's funny how my priorities and the things I get excited about have changed. Right now, I am super excited about 2 things. They both involve saving money and making life easier. Who's with me? :)

Amazon Mom.
Diapers are expensive, everyone knows that. But once you find the kind you like, you buy in bulk, baby. My favorite are Pampers Sensitive.
I get a 180 count box for $28. Original price (and Walmart price): $40!
How you say?
Sign up for Amazon Mom-get 15% off
Sign up for subscribe and save (they send you diapers automatically)- get 15% MORE off
Free 2-day shipping included.
AND you become PRIME!! Are you excited? I was. For days.
For pumping mommies- Playtex Breastmilk Storage Kit. I'm so excited about this. Since I pump 3x a day (basically feels like half my life), this is a big deal to me. With this, I don't have to pump into a bottle, pour it into a storage bag, then pour it into a drop-in liner. I completley save the cost of the storage bags (expensive suckers!) and skip that step. I bought 2 of these storage kits ($20) and I'll be good forever!
Probably nobody cares about anything I just said. Oh well. I'M excited about it :)

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