Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter. What a loong, busy weekend. We were all over the place, busy as heck. Enjoyed both fams and ate lots of ham. Then my pants didn't fit (again). Then Andrew told me to cut the waistband. Then I did. I love my husband.
damn ham

My baby girl who is not old enough to do anything  who has been more than ready for baby food had sweet potatoes for dinner the past 2 nights in row. Gosh she liked them! We will be moving on to carrots this evening. What a big girl. The baby food is actually much runnier than I have been preparing her cereal, so she fussed in between bites because I wasn't going fast enough and apparently she is ready for #2 baby food (thicker). Hmm.

Okay, back to Easter!
Paisley got a pink paisley Easter basket from the Easter Bunny (aka Grammy)!! How perfect. Oh my goodness she is going to love the Peter Rabbit books, just like we did. They never get old.

I think she liked her basket :)

Grammy scoops up whatever time she can get with Pea since she can't lift more than 10 lbs right now. And might I add that my little sweat heart is 16.9 lbs as of her 6 month appointment?! Wow.
Auntie Honey came for a visit to help Grammy out and she got to meet Paisley for the first time. It went well :) Okay, more than well-they were attached at the hip.
Paisley also got some cousin love this weekend. She ate it right up.

My 6m old looks about as big as her 4 yr old cousin!! Too funny.
Kisses (or slobber) for Rachel, who calls her "Pais-a-lee", a spin off of her own nickname, Rachelee. Too cute.

The girls of the family- Rachel (4), Paisley (6m), Lorna (2)
For some reason, it seemed like the longest day of my life. It felt like Christmas time with all the food and jumping houses. We were exhausted.
Happy Easter!

Photography by Mom :)

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