Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The fun thing about having a little runt around is that there is "new" all the time. New experiences, new faces, new little hairs sprouting up o'top a little girls' head. Last weekend we pulled out this thing that my SIL let us borrow.
See the position she is standing in? She stood frozen, just like this for a good 10 mins. I don't think the concept of "jumper" has quite hit yet :) But she did like to be upright and look around.
Here's something new: almost thumb-sucking. She has been expirementing with it for the past week or so. She can't quite get her hand to stay in the right position for long enough to make it work though.
First daddy's-tummy-sleeping since she was a newborn. He loved every second. I loved every second.
New: try to escape from the confines of the Bumbo seat. Sometimes I think she is just going to get up and walk away.
New: French kissing mommy. She totally leans in with mouth open. LOVE.
We spent some time at Grammy and Grampy's this weekend. Andrew made Chicken Cacciatore since our chef is out of service for a little while (love you mommy!). We watched some baseball. It was a nice relaxing evening.

Grampy love.

Kisses o'plenty.

And for the last new: Solids. Yes, we tried some long-overdue rice cereal. Pea has been grabbing at our forks for at least a month and getting excited at the smell of dinner time. She's ready. Mom wasn't. But I'm over it. So here we go. On our way to becoming a big girl. Stay tuned :)

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