Wednesday, May 18, 2011

catching up

I haven't downloaded/edited any photos this week. So here's where my dearest iPhone comes in handy :)
Nothing groundbreaking going on this past week. The weather has been total crap, and as far as I'm concerned the ratio of work days to days off is WAY off!

Paisley is starting the early mutterings of "da-da" and her newest thing is to take toys and bang them against things or eachother. Loves the sound. Also, when I give her a toy in her highchair to bang against the tray. She also is now in full swing with her exersaucer. I'm afraid I might find her on the floor next to it because she almost jumps out.

We got P's first "report card" yesterday. Under Favorite Special Interests/Activities: Paisley really enjoys eating and drinking her bottle. HA! I mean, there were other things listed but I think it's hilarious that this is one of her favorites. That's my girl :)

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Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Ahhhhh such adorable pics!! :D

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