Sunday, May 22, 2011

name of the game

Paisley sits up like a big girl in her high chair now. She absolutely loves it.
Sometimes she sits and plays while momma cooks dinner or gets her food ready.
But there is a game involved here. All parents know this one. It's the bang-my-toy-against-the-tray-violently-while-hollering-game.

But then, the toy drops (or usually is thrown off the side). This is a whole NEW game. All parents know this one, too. It's the Drop-my-toy/food-as-smany-times-as-possible-off-the-edge, make-the-uh-oh-face-and-see-how-long-these-suckers-will-retrieve-it game.
Now, sweet darling baby smooshy face of mine; this game is a blast, but mommy is trying to complete one single task today.

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