Wednesday, May 11, 2011

one of those days

It was one of those mornings where I wanted to climb back under the covers with the laptop, sip my coffee, and watch the sun break into the room slowly. I wanted to have some toast with jelly and then bring Paisley into my bed with me to play and cuddle when she woke up. Then maybe get out the stroller and take a walk while wearing my comfiest(is that a word?) black yoga pants and my sunglasses.


none of that happened.

I had to go to work. And Pea had to go to daycare. I'm gonna try to keep it on the positive and tell myself we can do just that on Friday morning. Maybe even with Daddy.

Can't wait.

Toby in desperate need of attention, Pea falls asleep while playing with an empty tissue box, Grampy gets excited about babies and bacon ice cream, Pea uses Grammy's brace as a drum, Pea now sits up in the bath tub, Starbucks Cakepops-nuff said, Me loving the nautical trend, the cutest butt and thigh rolls you've ever seen, and my girl asleep after a long day at daycare.

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