Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The changing table is the magical little place where we spend so much of our time :) Pea talks to me and I talk back to her as I proceed to kiss her little belly and tickle her squishy thighs.
But it's also the place where we have our routine. The one where she goes for the butt paste every time because she knows it's not hers and she knows I'll let her suck on it for just enough time to slap a diaper on the ever flailing and rolling booty of hers.
Every time she gets it, it's like a victory.
She then proceeds to stick the sharp part in her mouth and I grab it away and tell her she is going to poke her eye out.
But I still let her have it every time. Because I'm the mom and I can and she's cute and I love her. After she does that, I stand her up and she gives the owl picture "kisses". Basically, she just holds onto the sides of it and hollers and licks it over and over until I rip her away :)
Then she goes for other things that are not hers. Nail clippers. Booger tweezers. Hairbrush.
"I want them, Mommy. I just want to play with them and taste them."
Nope. Those are MOMMY'S booger tweezers.

I like that she can sit up now. I can sit her anywhere and she can watch and play. I don't ever want her to crawl. Because that means that I will have to baby proof and not turn my head and set up barriers and stuff. No thanks.

I mean, she's just so cute like this. But she has been coming home from daycare with rug burned knees trying to get those legs underneath her. It's eminent.

New favorite picture. I love my babes!

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