Tuesday, May 31, 2011

little Pea

You are now SEVEN months old.
oh, how we love you.

You like toys that are not toys. And vegetables, not fruits. (Have you ever met a baby who doesn't like fruit?) The name Pea fits perfectly because peas are your  favorite (just like mommy!!). You give your daddy and I a heart attack every time you get a Mum-Mum and choke and gag.
Lid from a frosting container. Made her day.
All kinds of new things are going on around this house. You frequently say "da-da" and you have also said "ma-ma" and "dog" twice. Basically, you are a little parrot. When you want a bottle, you say "mmm". It's cute.

New cheesy grin

Toby loves you. You love him, too.

Your hair is growing :)
You keep pushing your little booty up in the air, but then your trunk falls down.

You are getting prepped for the Mowgli crawl.

You're a quick little booger.

You haven't pulled yourself up yet, but you like it when daddy and I put you up where you can reach and see :)
You're a lot of fun :)


wishful nals said...

oh my goodness, sooo sweet. xo

Lori said...

Oh man she is adorable! And I love her name :) happy seven months little lady!

new follower, please stop on by..

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