Monday, February 27, 2012

we ate cereal for dinner the other night


Breakfast for dinner has to be the best thing ever. My girl loves cereal with milk- in a bowl, like a grown up. But the only problem is that it’s a HUGE mess. The spoon doesn’t always make it to her mouth in time and her hands end up in the bowl way too often. Instead of having a panic attack, I decided to just go with it this time.

For me, this is just as hard as watching her pick up handfuls of sand outside, letting her make a big mess during bath time, and letting her put things away without immediately intervening to do it the “right” way.

Unexpected mother stuff…

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

W...sometimes we just take our grandkids clothes off and let them eat in a diaper...since everything is going to get messy anyway. We also put a sheet on the floor under the highchair...makes it much easier to clean up later!

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