Thursday, February 16, 2012



A few weeks ago, I shared my girl’s first pony tail.



It makes me smile and feel like she is so grown up. I mean, I realize some people can do this when their kids are like 3 months old, but not my baby! Here she is at 3 months.




We have the Fisher Price Animals app. It’s the only kids app I have on my phone and she really likes it. I haven’t heard about any other good ones. But come to think of it, I really don’t want my 1.5 yr old commandeering my phone all day anyway.




I finally got over my Monday Blues. Sometimes you just need a day, I guess. One thing I forgot to mention is the amazing breakfast burrito I had…since Pea is allergic to eggs, we don’t prepare them in the house or eat them near her. So it’s when an opportunity strikes, I take it! I also took a bath, which is my first bath in probably years. Let’s see how that went again:




I just don’t think I could truly relax and take a bath even if my husband was with my babe elsewhere in the house. I'm always waiting to hear that crash or jump to my feet if he needs backup. You know, neurotic mom stuff.


We played with chalk on the driveway last weekend. It was a hit.




I know I’ve already mentioned this a few times, but I LOVE these two together. It’s like watching my past hopes and dreams play out in front of me.




A long weekend ahead. I better get together my best toddler activities, because she lets us know when mommy and daddy daycare are lacking entertainment!



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