Wednesday, February 22, 2012

pushing and pulling


Life with a toddler is just that; she pushes while I’m pulling.

While trying to dress her, she is twisting and rolling.

Baths are just frustrating while I’m hunched over the toilet trying to keep a slippery baby from swimming away, while trying to get her clean, my pants have become soaked and my hair is frizzing and tickling my nose.

I say she’s done with her meal as she is squishing it between her fingers, she cries when I take her plate away.

12 to 18 months
Early in the second year of life, the adventure of self-discovery truly begins. This is a time of astounding transformation from helplessness to independence. As a result, it's also a period of extreme mood swings and troubling behaviors. But understanding the reasons behind your toddler's actions can help you survive this tumultuous period.


Good thing she’s so GOSH DARN cute.

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