Friday, May 11, 2012

things I want to remember


The way you have started to throw tantrums. You aren't really crying. More like screaming. Deep, loud and passionate. Your little fists clench together and your booty hits the floor. The other day, you put yourself in your room mid-tantrum. You plopped yourself down in front of your crib, just like Daddy makes you do when you are acting up.

The way you whisper "up!" instead of saying it out loud. You never holler it, just whisper and hold your arms out.

You started saying "airpane!" a few weekends ago and gosh darnit, you were right. There was an airplane. I didn't teach you this. Daddy didn't either, I asked. Those sweet teachers of yours taught you that and I smiled knowing that you are learning from them. Not only do you recognize the sound when we are inside and you hear it, you pointed to a picture of one and identified it as an "airpane" all by yourself. So smart.

The answer to everything is a quick and innocent "no".

Do you love me? No. Do you want to sing a song? No. Did you have a good day at school? No.

Daddy says he wants to make you a "yes baby" but we haven't seen any headway in that area yet...

If you get hurt, you come tell Mommy immediately. It doesn't matter if you stubbed your toe or scratched your knee, you come to me and say "Bah, bah" and gesture toward your forehead. This means you "bonked" and you want me to hold and kiss and make it better. I say "Did you bonk?!" and you say "Bah, auwoo" (bonk, owee).

You are starting to say "love you" unprovoked. The sweetest is lately you've been saying it quietly as daddy walks out of the room after laying you down for the night. "Wuv-oo" is absolutely the BEST to hear from you, because you say it real sweetly and sink your chin into your neck and smile.

That the other day I said "holy cow!" and you followed promptly with "MOOOO!!". Your daddy and I died laughing.

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Jen + Jeff said...

I just love toddlers! These stories are too cute:)

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