Friday, February 25, 2011

goodbye forever

In the words of Pioneer Woman, goodbye forever. My Little Pea is now on her way to toddler hood. She doesn't need me anymore.

Okay, not really, but almost! :)

We went to her 4 month appointment this week. She weighs 13.9 lbs (50th percentile) and is in the 75th percentile for height!! Tall and skinny? She is definitely not my child. I've been trying to top 5'4" for years. Grammy brought home some 6-9 month sleepers this weekend. I promptly asked her to return them. My baby is not 6-9 months, nor will she ever be. I will continue shoving her little bum in 3-6 months until I get over the denial stage thankyouverymuch.
We talked a little bit about solids, but I'm going to wait until she reaches 6 months, I believe. If I never feed her solids and she never grows teeth, then she'll never grow up and I'm fine with that.
She rolls to one side currently, but doesn't flip over. The doc gave me some little techniques to help her to roll easier. We going to start working with her on that. She loves to chew on her hands. Sometimes she shoves them so far in there, she chokes and can't figure out why...
She is sleeping great, usually about 9pm-5am. Wakes up once or twice for the binky, but sometimes sleeps all the way through. She wakes up and hollers for me and when I come in and look at her over the crib, she gets this HUGE cheesy grin. Being a mommy is the best :)

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