Thursday, February 3, 2011

when you become a mama

You are not quite as organized as you were before. But in some ways, you become more organized. You should see my system for getting out the door in the mornings. It's all a juggling act. However, one area the usually suffers the most is my purse. Here's what I found in there today:
          • one Christmas coffee scoop (don't ask)
          • one headband
          • a pack of Boogie Wipes
          • a $600 medical bill (thanks, Paisley!)
          • Weight Watchers pocket guide
          • one butter knife (again, don't ask)
          • facial oil blotters (greasy face never left!)
Quite the combination of items. Soon I will need one of these:
It's more like a suitcase, I guess.
So happy it's [my] FRIDAY! :)

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