Saturday, February 12, 2011


This bow is the cutest crappin thing I've ever seen. Grammy bought it and I'm dying for Paisley to wear it. But honestly, I think her head will have to double in circumference first. But, nothings cuter than a girl with her daddy.

Paisley and Daddy, Superbowl Sunday.

We are just in the daily grind, working hard to get to our weekends :) Paisley has been enjoying her bumbo and hanging out. We are going to Paisley's first tea party this weekend. There are also baseball games to be coached, laundry to be done, meals to plan, shopping to be done, and don't forget about pedicures.
No other big news around here, just had to share a few photos of my sweet babyface.


Kathryn said...

Great photos...she just keeps getting more adorable every day! Wish you lived closer...I'd love to get my hands on her!! (^:

PhaseThreeOfLife said...

Cute blog! I just found you on Our Growing Garden. Always love finding fun mommy blogs. That bow is so stinkin' cute, I can't hardly stand it. ;)

mrs.g said...

Wow, Paisley is beautiful! I love her name too!

Thanks for linking up with the bloghop :)

The "L" in ELF said...

Great pics - beautiful baby - adorable name! Glad I found you!

Stopping by from Our Growing Garden's blog hop!

mrs rexaroo said...

Your daughter is too cute for words!!!! Found you through Mrs G's blog hop!

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